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Exploring the Intersections of Humanity, Technology
& the Mystical-- by cstreet

Archiving Sacred Wisdom

Sacred wisdom exists as a compass for society to navigate the current chaos of modern life. Stories and knowledge were passed down through generations using oral and written methodologies. I believe we must archive sacred wisdom from religious and indigenous traditions around the globe to the blockchain for future generations to access. Since the blockchain is permission-less and decentralized, there is no ownership, censorship or data manipulation. The wisdom is protected on-chain for future generations to study using the technology they will create to access information.

Creating New Myths

Societies need strong myths to create cohesion, a collective story to support us all as we face challenging situations together. We are currently lacking a unifying myth as we head into this period of chaos and upheaval. I believe it is time for the storytellers among us to weave sacred wisdom into new cultural narratives for us all to celebrate and support.

Building Resiliant Communities

Decentralized autonomous organizations, DAOs, provide a means to connect people with sacred wisdom through governance, crowdsourcing and community building. A Sacred Wisdom DAO would utilize donated artwork sold as NFTs to raise funds for participating sacred communities. The smart contract created by the DAO would automatically transfer the funds to the sacred community without any middle men, gatekeepers or complicated non-profit paperwork. People participating in the DAO (or the general public) can simply purchase NFT art connected to the sacred community and the funds are immediately distributed to the recipients based on the technical parameters established at the beginning of the project.

Working with Academics, Researchers & Anthropologists

Preserving sacred wisdom starts by working with those who have devoted their lives to documenting, studying and engaging with wisdom traditions as well as those from indigenous tribes and communities who work to preserve and share their elder's wisdom. Working with accomplished scholars in a cross-discipline manner will also help ensure that a variety of voices, cultures and concepts are included in this project.

The Blockchain as a Public Good

Part of this project will entail working closely with various blockchain experts who are exploring ways to make information accessible to all using the blockchain. A movement is underway to restore public goods in the way of decentralized information. As sacred wisdom is archived to the blockchain, it will become a public good for current and future generations to reference and learn from.Want to check the Sacred Wisdom treasury wallet? Click the address to see the action on etherscan. 0x1f66e3914352fFaeFE2Dc30BD6991C2B267f38D1

& Relevant Research

Support the Project

The Sacred Wisdom NFT Collection is live & growing on FND.. You can also read more about sacred wisdom & support the project on my Mirror. Additional crowdsourcing through NFTs is coming soon! And please email me if you're a scholar or artist and would like to collab!

Producing New Stories

One aspect of archiving wisdom traditions is documenting various cultural aspects of sacred communities and indigenous tribes. Partnering with academic researchers and other storytellers will help produce a vast and deep visual and audio archive of knowledge from these traditions. With over 25 years of photojournalism and documentary experience, I will lead many of the documentary aspects of the project. As the project evolves, I also plan to fund additional documentarians and academics to expand the scope of the archival process.

Past Documentary Images

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